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NFT Master's Guide -EBook

    NFT Master's Guide -EBook

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      If you are ready to enter the NFT space but do not know where to begin this guide is for you. In this guide we will take you from noob to guru. You will know where to go for NFTS, how to invest, how to sell, what to look for and how to build community. Now is the perfect time to in invest in a new world of investments. This new world can catapult you quicker than anything moving at this time.

      I will teach you just about everything you need to know about the NFT space. From creating to selling and investing. You do not need a technical background or to even be a digital artist. This guide will walk you through everything you can do to get what you are trying to get. This guide is not meant to be your financial advisor but to be a guide.

      You will learn
      • How to find NFT projects: Step by step guide into what to look for when finding NFT projects to purchase, where to purchase and even how to resell if you choose the investor route
      • How to sell NFTs: You’ll learn how to list your sell your NFT creation for sale, how to generate unique NFTs, adding unlockable content and setting an optional ongoing royalty.
      • Different types of NFTs: You’ll learn the different types of NFTs
      • Grow your NFT community: You'll learn how to build community, which platforms to use, how to do giveaways and more
      • How to buy NFTs: You'll learn what marketplaces are available to use for buying your NFTs. What floor price, gas fees, how to much yourself in the best position to avoid being scammed are and much more.
      You can be experienced in the NFT space or be a noob (beginner), The NFT Master's Guide will be an asset to you.


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