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Providing branding to make you not just successful but Unique Period! 
With Unique Period we create without limits, partnering with global and local brands on projects of every scope. 
In graphic design, brand development, product design, web design and more Unique Period has been dominating the graphic design industry for over 8 years enhancing her skillset consistently and constantly. We provide branding to make you not just successful but Unique Period!  
Born and raised in Sacramento, CA Unique Period was always involved in sports, music, art and film/photography. Little did I know while pursuing a degree from Fullsail University for Recording Arts I would also be reviving an old relationship I had with art. I began to learn things about graphic design March 20, 2013. With a fulltime job and going to school fulltime I also added in learning everything I could about graphics as an addition to my list.
In May of 2014 I had an emergency lifesaving surgery and  it was on my 4 month bedrest that God showed me what was to be. I wasn't dope dope yet but I trusted God and when he says move worried because it's still new, scared and all you have to move. With sign after sign I stood on the faith of a mustard seed and said let's go God. 2014 I quit my job, kept going to school but I was a freelance graphic designer. The more I created and the more I learned my passion for graphic design was undeniable. From designing products, logos, flyers, websites, obituaries and so much more. I just couldn't get enough. God knew he would turn me up and he did it quickly. I recieved my first celebrity client the following year and they kept flowing in after that. As of today I am still branding and furthering my name and craft as the CEO and founder of my own graphic design firm "Unique Period Design Studio". Offering services in Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding, Memorial Design and More.
Due to the unique, high quality design work and services I provided my client based grew tremendously. I've had the pleasure of designing for many celebrities, reality tv celebrities, social media influencers such as  Donovan Weatherspoon, Supa Cent, DaRealBBJudy, Bestie Gang, AdizBambi, Bow Wow, Vanessa Simmons, Tokyo Vanity, Young MA, Monica, C-Murder, Lil Scrappy, StasiQuinn, Street Knowledge, Tamar Braxton, Kim Hawthorne,V-Nasty, Lisa Wu, Emmanuel Hudson, Kevin Gates, Baby Soulja, Plies, Bia, London Brown, CeCe, Sunshine, Anderson, TLC, Ajna Surah, Gucci Mane and so many more including many businesses. Here we are strong into 2022 and with being behind the screen these last 9yrs I am now in the process of taking my brand to the next level by releasing books, courses and so much more while still designing with the same quality. The next objective for me is to turn my business into an agency to give other designers the chance to work with my company, build their skills and grow their names. Its Only UP from Here and thats just period! UNIQUE PERIOD



Advertisements - Apparel - Banners - Billboards - Brand Development - Book Covers - Brochures - Business Cards - CD and DVD Packaging - E-blasts - Envelopes - Crafter Files/Products - Event Design - Invitations - Letterheads - Logos - Media Kits - Motion Graphics - Multi-Page Booklets - PowerPoint / Keynote Design - Promotional Tools - Press Kits (EPKs) - Product Packaging - Social Media Art - Web Design - Wedding Stationery - Snapchat Filters and more


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